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Welcome to the Town of Henrietta!


When Henrietta officially became a town in 1818, it also became the crossroad of Monroe County. Henrietta now boasts three companies that are in the Fortune 500 list: Kodak, Xerox and General Motors. There are also several commercial areas with the opening in 1982 of Marketplace Mall drawing many vendors to the area. Jefferson Road boasts so many restaurants that you could dine in a different one for two weeks straight.

The town also abounds in many cultural activities. When Rochester Institute of Technology moved here from the city in 1968, it established a beautiful large campus where many events take place that respond not only to their student’s needs but to those of the Henrietta community as well. The National Technical Institute for the Deaf was built on the R.I.T. campus providing classes and opportunities for its deaf students.

Henrietta has been known for its low tax base and so continues to attract new people and business. It has become an urban center with farmland mostly existing in the southern part of town. What began as strictly an agricultural town, now is a blend of agricultural, commercial, and residential areas. The Historic Site Committee for the town has established twelve preservation districts protecting many of our old structures and culture.

Every day Henrietta lives out its history in both large and small events. Yet Henrietta, with all of its services and features can boast that it is a great place in which to live and work!


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