Town of Penfield

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“Town of Planned Progress”


The town of Penfield is a charming suburb situated on the east side of Rochester. Incorporated by Daniel Penfield in 1810, Penfield was the first of the seven east-side towns in the county to be established, and still shares a deep connection to its milling and agricultural roots. Today, Penfield is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability as well as the wellbeing of its residents through community-focused initiatives and family-oriented activities. The close proximity to downtown Rochester and surrounding suburbs makes Penfield a delightful place to live and work.


Penfield offers its residents a blend of local amenities that build and enrich its community. It is a wonderful town to hike, bike, canoe and x-country ski, with a wide variety of opportunities to satisfy the urge to exercise and explore nature. The area’s 11 multi-use trails and scenic parks feature waterfalls, quiet coves and meadows, good spring birding, fishing creeks, wildflower gardens and a butterfly conservancy.




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